Monday, May 8, 2017

My Privilege Is To Have No Privilege

My Privilege Is To Have No Privilege


The sign of how much I love God is how much I love those I love the least.

Dorothy Day

even in heaven
hers was a minority viewpoint

she knew her Aquinas --
that to contemplate
the just punishment of the wicked
adds to the joy of the blessed

not her idea of paradise.

so without fanfare
Dorothy Day
took up residence in the infernal regions
rented a rundown storefront
taped a sign in the broken window
'House of Hospitality'.

she walked a daily picket line
protesting stiffling heat  
insatiable thirst  bad working conditions  
eternal torment

passed out copies
of her penny-newspaper
to any of the demon-harried 
who would take one

worked the soup-line
poured endless cups of coffee
scrounged cookies and day-old donuts
from a sympathetic archangel
listened patiently
to the piteous complaints
of the damned

she was last seen
at suppertime
hunched over a table
showing a weeping dictator
photos of his grandchildren.

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