Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Goodbye to All That

This is, I promise, the last that you'll be hearing about my solo exhibit that closed on Saturday at the Alaska State Museum.  The exhibit has been taken down, the icons are being returned to those who so generously loaned them and the museum staff is readying the gallery for the next exhibit. 

I'm grateful for it all -- the work of preparation, the exhibit itself, everyone involved from start to finish.

A couple of thoughts.  First, I've been surprised at how tired I've been at the end of each day helping to take down the exhibit.  Which is, I suppose, a reminder that I'm just about a month and a half away from my 64th birthday.  I used to manhandle that 6'x3' icon (above)by myself, which the museum staff is taking down with a lift.  Twelve years later, I don't think I could pick it up by myself - I'm no longer strong enough (that, and my back!)

Secondly, as the show was coming down, it occurred to me that I won't be doing anything quite like this again.  It was a retrospective exhibit, which occurs at the end of one's career as an artist.  I may exhibit again but most likely nothing like this.  This particular chapter of my life has come to a close.

Which is alright, as it is an inevitable part of life and growing older.  An exhibit is relatively easy to say goodbye to.  Not being attached to your body, to your strength, to your various abilities and skills, to the illusion that your life somehow belongs to you, well, there's a challenge.

In the end, I think, it is gratitude that allows one to say goodbye with thanksgiving and equinimity.