Friday, April 27, 2012

Of Spring and Biting Insects

One of the things I like best about early spring in Southeast Alaska is that the mosquitos (and other assorted biting insects) aren't out yet.  Which means being able be outside working in the yard or on a clear day sitting in the yard with a cup of tea and a book without being eaten alive. Fortunately for us in Southeast, the worst consequence of being bitten by a mosquito is a painful whelt.  But not so in those parts of Asia and Africa where mosquitos infect those they bite with malaria. 

This past Wednesday, April 25th was World Malaria Day, but its not too late to reflect on both the cause and the prevention of this deadly parasitic disease that kills the vulnerable and chronically debilitates so many people in  the developing world.  Making mosquito netting widely and inexpensively available is the key to prevention and I'm pleased to see that Catholic Relief Services (along with many other relief and development agencies) has made malaria prevention a major part of their work. To learn more about malaria prevention and World Malaria Day go to:

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